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We raise Red Sex Link chickens for our eggs. Sex Link chickens are a cross between a Rhode Island Red rooster and a Delaware hen. The hens lay large brown eggs. They can lay between 200 and 280 eggs per year. They are also cold and heat tolerant. It is for these reasons that we have chosen to raise the Sex Links.

Red Sex Link Chickens

Our son Daniel is in 4-H and he has chosen to try raising Buckeyes this year. This is a new breed for us. They were developed in Ohio and are a striking mahogany color. The Buckeye will also lay brown eggs and thrive in the cold climate. He will raise these birds and sell them at the county fair at the end of summer. We are excited to see how they grow and produce. Who knows they may become our new favorites.


Our eggs are raised in a cage-free setup.  We have runs for them to get outside into some fenced-in areas.

We sell our eggs and also supply eggs to a local CSA named Terra Fauna Farm

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